What's New in the GlassFish Server Release?

Markus Eisele
You might have heard that the latest GlassFish is out. You can download it from both glassfish.org and oracle.com . According to the announcement in the GlassFish forums it covers three bugs which have been categorized by feedback from the community. These are:

- wsimport Ant tasks causes NoClassDefFoundError from many places from within some java app (JAX_WS-1059)
- NoClassDefFoundError: org/openide/util/Enumerations$1RDupls due to use of WebServices (NetBeans Bug 211962)
- JK listener with Apache + mod_ajp_proxy causes truncated downloads (GLASSFISH-18446)

According to an email to the http://java.net/projects/glassfish/lists/users/archive there are some more details about what exactly has been fixed:

- AJP connector can not recover after unexpected EOF (GRIZZLY-1284)
- This error occurs occasionally for no apparent reason, causing glassfish does not deliver all packets. (GRIZZLY-1254)
- Errow when posting data with "Expect: 100-continue" header via ajp with mod_proxy_ajp in apache (GRIZZLY-1267)
- CPing/CPong doesn' work (GRIZZLY-1276)
- NPE when attempting to get the session from a request associated with a websocket. (GRIZZLY-1270) - Add memory tuning option for MimeHeaders (GRIZZLY-1285) - Incorrect timeout switch logic may cause unexpected interruption of a thread (GRIZZLY-1286)

- JK listener with Apache + mod_ajp_proxy causes truncated downloads (GLASSFISH-18446)
- Windows Services - can't handle paths with spaces (GLASSFISH-18546)
- install-node-dcom does not abide by --windowsdomain parameter (GLASSFISH-18327)
- Incompatibel breaking changes to getParameter() / getPart() probably for Ticket GLASSFISH-16740 (GLASSFISH-18444)

- java.lang.ClassCastException: org.glassfish.gmbal.ManagedObjectManagerNOPImpl cannot be cast to com.sun.xml.ws.server.WSEndpointMOMProxy (WSIT-1619)
- wsimport Ant tasks causes NoClassDefFoundError from many places from within some java app (JAX_WS-1059)

And more news:
And also if you compare the two distributions (zip archives of both GF 3.1.2 and GF you notice some more changes.
- It seems as if JBoss Logging 3 ( 3.1.0.GA) is now part of GlassFish. Find the jboss-logging.jar in the modules folder.
- Grizzlyhas been updated to 1.9.50
- Both org.apache.felix.shell.jar and *.shell.tui.jar have been removed.
- The Rest interface for GlassFish Management and Monitoring got an update to
- The Weld implementation is now at 1.1.8.Final (yeahhaaa :-))
- Metro has been updated to 2.2.0-1 (which actually isn't a "version" in their jira (wondering)

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  1. The fact that jboss logging is now part of the Glassfish makes the deployment of my applications throw a bunch of ClassNotFoundExceptions. :( :(
    I'm using Infinispan 5.0.1 which has a dependency on jboss-logging, but a different version.

    1. Hi,

      it seems to be a dependency of Hibernate Validator. So, if you need to work around that you probably have to prefer the application packages over the server ones.
      Look for
      elegate="false" in the class-loader element of the glassfish-web.xml file.

      - M

  2. The jboss-logging classes are repackaged into the bean-validator.jar as Hibernate Validator requires them. the jboss-logging.jar should not have been added to glassfish/modules and so you can remove it (jboss-logging.jar) from glassfish/modules and you should be good to go.


    1. Hi JJ,

      Thanks for the information!
      Curious to know how that happened, if it isn't needed :)


  3. Markus,
    It was my fault! When I updated the pom for bean-validator I added a new dependency for jboss-logging but I didn't mark the dependency as optional and so it got added to the distribution.

    I will have it fixed by the next patch release!


    1. Great to hear that. Is there a roadmap for the next patches?
      I've also open an issue http://java.net/jira/browse/GLASSFISH-18947

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