JavaOne 2012 - 2400 hours to go! Some recommendations.

Markus Eisele
As you might have seen the JavaOne 2012 Content Catalog is online. The Program Committee had some very intense weeks of sorting, reviewing, rating and discussing every single proposal and we finally managed to setup a (hopefully) interesting mix for you. With exactly 105 days or 2400 hours to go I thought it could be a good day to offer you a list of my favorites to come.

I had the pleasure to work with two teams on the program tracks this year so you will get some recommendations for both the Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies and the Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud track. Let's start with the first one.

Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
This track has 64 sessions, 31 BoFs and 6 tutorials overall. It's hard to highlight the right ones here without being unfair to anybody. All the speakers did a great job in submitting their proposals and it was amazingly hard to pick the final ones. Even if I have my favorites I highly encourage you to look at all the content in this track to make your own decisions!

Oracle 50 Tips in 50 Minutes ForGlassFish Fans Arun Gupta, Christopher Kasso (CON4701)
This fast-paced session presents 50 tips and tricks for using GlassFish Server technology. Presented by two GlassFish experts, the session offers tips to help novice users as well as seasoned developers get the most out of GlassFish. 

Apache TomEE, Java EE 6 Web Profile on Tomcat  David Blevins IBM (CON7469)
Making its Java EE 6 Web Profile certification debut at JavaOne 2011, Apache TomEE combines the simplicity of Tomcat with the power of Java EE.  If you're a Tomcat lover or a TomEE enthusiast, this is the session you don’t want to miss!

Building HTML5 Web Applications with Avatar Bryan Atsatt and Santiago Pericasgeertsen - Oracle (CON7042)
This session focuses on how to build HTML5, thin-server Web applications with the Avatar framework. It introduces the notion of thin-server architectures as well as the major features in the Avatar framework for building rich UI applications.

Standardizing Web Flow Technology with JSF Faces Flows Edward Burns and David Schneider - Oracle (CON4627)
With the introduction of Faces Flows, a flow technology based on Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) task flows and Spring Web flows. This session provides an overview of the Faces Flows technology and how it can be used to increase application modularity and code reuse.

Real-World Java EE 6 Tutorial Paul Bakker and BERT ERTMAN - Luminis Technologies (TUT5064)
This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Java EE 6 APIs together to build a portable, full-stack enterprise application and solve real-world problems. It not only focuses on the APIs but also shows you how to set up a vanilla Maven build from scratch and do unit and integration testing—going into almost all parts of the Java EE 6 specs.

GlassFish Community BOF Anil Gaur and Arun Gupta - Oracle (BOF4670)
The GlassFish Community is large and vibrant and has had a tradition of getting together at JavaOne for the past few years. Attend this BOF to meet with the key members of the Oracle GlassFish team. They will share the roadmap for how Java EE 7 will provide a standards-based PaaS platform for running your enterprise Java applications in the cloud. 

Nashorn, Node, and Java Persistence Douglas Clarke and Akhil Arora - Oracle (BOF6661) With Project Nashorn, developers will have a full and modern JavaScript engine available on the JVM. In addition, they will have support for running Node applications with Node.jar. This unique combination of capabilities opens the door for best-of-breed applications combining Node with Java SE and Java EE.

Meet the Java EE 7 Specification Leads Linda Demichiel, William Shannon - Oracle (BOF4213)
This is your chance to meet face-to-face with the engineers who are developing the next version of the Java EE platform. In this session, the specification leads for the leading technologies that are part of the Java EE 7 platform discuss new and upcoming features and answer your questions. Come prepared with your questions, your feedback, and your suggestions for new features in Java EE 7 and beyond.

The Arquillian Universe: A Tour Around the Astrophysics Lab Daniel Allen and Aslak Kntusen - Red Hat (CON6918)
This presentation guides you through the Arquillian extensions by demonstrating how specific extensions solve common problematic testing scenarios faced by enterprise developers. You will get a overview of what is available and possible today as well as what is brewing in the community.

Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud
This track has 61 sessions, 24 BoFs and 4 tutorials. The same as for the previous track applies here. That is far too many content to feature the one and only ones. So please see this as a good excuse to make your own decisions ;)

GlassFish 4: From Clustering to the Cloud Fabien Leroy - SERLI (CON4930)
Expected by the end of 2012, GlassFish 4 leverages the 3.1 clustering functionalities to enter into the cloud computing era. The session takes a look under the hood to show you what makes GlassFish 4 a PaaS solution able to dynamically allocate all the services needed by an application. See a live demo of GlassFish cloud features already running with a VMware virtual cluster.

Making Apps Scale with CDI and Data Grids Manik Surtani - Red Hat (CON5875)
This session walks through a live demo of building a Website with CDI, clustering it with Java EE clustering capabilities, and then introducing a data grid into the mix to dramatically boost performance and load-handling capacity.

Utilize the Full Power of GlassFish Server and Java EE Security Masoud Kalali - Oracle (CON3964)
In this session, learn how to utilize Java EE security and what GlassFish Server technology provides to address your security requirements. The presentation explains a two-phase authentication mechanism.

Other News and Noteworthy Things
You might have heard that the Java Strategy, Partner, and Technical keynotes will be held on the Sunday of conference week, beginning at 4:00 p.m. at the historic Masonic Auditorium on Nob Hill. After the keynotes, attendees can go to the official JavaOne Open House at the Taylor Street Café @ the Zone. As in years past, Sunday will feature User Group meetings (at Moscone West) and Java University courses (Hilton San Francisco Union Square). On Thursday, the Java Community keynote will return. More information should flow out in the next couple of weeks. If you have not already done so, register.
Planning to go? Have a look at my post 10 Ways to make the Best out of a Conference.

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