Heroes of Java - featured in Jan/Feb Issue of Oracle Java Magazine

Markus Eisele
The latest Oracle Java Magazine issue is out since yesterday. Alexis already blogged about the main topic "tame the cloud" and the related GlassFish and Java EE stories. A great free (!) source of information and they have by far the best authors in the field.
I am glad to see my "Heroes of Java" series featured on page 10. It's an honor and I really hope that anybody is enjoying the series. If you have comments, wishes, remarks about it, let me know!

Some further thoughts about the OJM
Beside the fact, the the content of Oracles new Java Magazine is great, I still have some issues with it. I'm not sure if I already told them about, but if anybody from the OTN team is reading this, they hopefully know that this is meant as valuable feedback.

Make it a Text Based!
First of all, I don't like that it's all images. Not a single character to copy. If you are in need of even a single line, you have to open the "See all Listings as Text" page for the related article and search for the single line you are interested in. It's obviously easier to simply re-type it yourself. Makes quoting unnecessarily hard. Thank good you can directly click on links. But I even don't like this a lot

Give it a memorable Domain-Name
Why not http://www.oraclejavamagazine-digital.com/ ? Even if it is long .. but what happens, if you request it? You see the obviously Oracle internal login page. Yeah. Any way to get to the recent issue from there? No. Google seems not to know about http://www.oracle.com/javamagazine/ and always poops up the Oracle internal access point first. Anyway, I like short and memorable domain-names a lot more.

Make it load faster! Or give it a Progress Indicator..
Woohh. I don't know if anybody in the US has a T1 or comparable internet cable, but if you are working with anything slower or slimmer, all you see a lot is a half grey screen. And thankfully this happens with any single click. Zoom in or out. Or change a page via the index. Or do anything else. From time to time the whole screen stays grey for me for over 4 seconds.

Rethink your Source Code License!
Let's look at the license down the code. It's "Copyright 2012, Oracle Corporation". Thank you Oracle. What about CC-BY 2.0 ? Or even another OSS license? Come on! It's about sample code not the whole FMW!

Printing != Downloading
As some other tweets already mentioned. Printing isn't downloading a PDF. At least not to me. There should be a simpler way to do this. The fact that it needs three open browser windows (original, print-pdf and printing dialog) simply feels weird to me.

Make the registration process better
I know Oracle is willing to get something payed back for the free issues. But Do I really have to answer all those questions? And this obviously is a problem for myself only: but I still don't get any confirmation emails timely. Isn't there an easy way getting it into the whole Oracle SSO stuff? Why not simply open it for OTN Members?

Advance the Mobile User Experience
I know, @oracletechnet already tweeted about an upcoming iPad app for the Java Magazin. But ... I have a lot of other devices. Think about Kindle, BlackBerry. I would love to have a broader device support.

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