New Article in German iX Magazin. Time and Money in Java.

Markus Eisele
This is my first published article this year. The German iX magazin published an article of mine about the pitfalls of Java's time and money features.

Temporary employment
Time and currency calculations in Java
Dealing with time and currency formats in Java is complicated, difficult to handle, and thus a potential source of error. Only those, who  know the pitfalls of using standard APIs and frameworks are on the safe side.

This is a German article and you can either grab the latest issue online or buy it at your favorite kiosk.

If you like, you can check out some other articles of mine. Some of them done in English, too. You just need to search this blog for posts, labeled "article" and you get some results. [UPDATE 29.01.2012]
The article is available for free online. Read it now:

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