What's new in Java 7? - Part four

Markus Eisele
The fourth part of my German article series on heise.de/developer went online this morning. It is all about overall integration topics with Java 7.

Starting with the updated standards and specifications (XML, Unicode, Security) this is also covering client news and other areas the former three articles left open. This is the last part of the article series. I really enjoyed doing it and I hope, you had a chance to dive into the details. Fact is, that the evolutionary release isn't packed full with new features. If you stress the details a bit, you can come up with 55 and even some more. Compared with what to expect for Java 8 this is surprisingly little. But the most important part with Plan B was to give to the community again. And this was a complete success. Java is moving forward and I really enjoy seeing all the Java based products moving their support up to the latest release.

I'm looking forward to your comments and hope you enjoy it. Read it; for free, German and online. http://heise.de/-1385757

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