The Heroes of Java

Markus Eisele
There are Rockstars out there. Ninjas or some other kind of guys been given or given themselves titles like famous and successful members of well know communities. Sometimes it all sounds like there is slightly more to it than communicating some kind of celebrity status, or even 'stardom'. Don't get me wrong. Most of them are an essential part of the Java ecosystem but to me, looking at the deeper meanings of the available titles, this all simply does not make sense. I don't want to read about celebrities. I want to read about people displaying courage and sometimes even self-sacrifice for the greater good. For Java. I want to read about Heroes rather than agents, fighters or solo artists. This is why I started interviewing Java people. Some I know. Some you might know. With this first post in a new series called "The Heroes of Java" I kick off the publishing. New interviews will appear on an irregular basis and I don't have a final list of people to ask for answering my questions. But I hope: Some will jump in. A big thanks to those who already did!

A very special "Thank You" goes out to my editor behind the scenes. All this wouldn't have been possible without the help and motivation of Tonya R Moore (@tonyaraemoore). She uses her background in music business and law to wrangle the egos and word the words of the Java community and helped the German to think outside the box and get his beloved second language under control.

1st Part: Marcus Lagergren
2nd Part: Charles Oliver Nutter
3rd Part: Martijn Verburg
4th Part: Fabiane Bizinella Nardon
5th Part: Cay Horstmann
6th Part: Michael Hüttermann
7th Part: Andrew Lee Rubinger
8th Part: Eberhard Wolff
9th Part: Agnes Crepet
10th Part: Rod Johnson
11th Part: Trisha Gee
12th Part: Ward Cunningham
13th Part: Greg Luck
14th Part: Ola Bini
15th Part: David Blevins
16th Part: Werner Keil
17th Part: Bauke Scholtz
18th Part: Çağatay Çivici
19th Part: Stephen Colebourne
20th Part: Angelika Langer
21st Part: Coleen Phillimore
22nd: Kevlin Henney
23rd: Dan Allen

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  1. great great for us java enthusiasts

  2. @Markus
    This is very interesting and inspiring article.
    can I expect an Interview of Joshua Bloch,Rod Johnson and Gavin King.

  3. Hi stoical,

    Thanks! I will do my best to engage some of the well know names. But this is also about 'my' heroes. So expect some not too well known ones, too :)


  4. In addition to stoical's great suggestions, how about Doug Lea, Brian Goetz and Cliff Click ?

  5. Hi will,

    Brian isn't responding to my requests :( you could help by asking him via twitter! Thanks for the other suggestions! I'm working on them!


  6. Hi Markus,
    I came to your blog "by chance" and while browsing I just run across this interviews. It's really nice, a GREAT initiative.

    I'm also doing kinda similar interviews, but with PHP guys ;) You can find them here: (for those interested ;))

    I enjoyed reading some of them and seeing how you do it on your side. It's good to read and see how others are doing similar things with a different "theme" and "ways".

    Keep the interviews coming :) Cheers!

    //Wasseem K.

  7. Very nice series!

    I addition to the suggestions made by others, I would like to nominate David Blevins (still rather young, but quite impressive CV with among others Co-Founder Apache TomEE, OpenEJB and EJB 3.2 and Java EE 7 EG member, etc).

    Ed Burns (JSF spec-lead) would also be nice ;)

    1. David agreed :) Ed is still on my list, but he simply doesn't find the time to answer the questions. I try to keep pushing him :)

  8. Hi

    is it possible to interview with Gavin King ?
    I'm really looking forward to read this interview
    I've read every last one of them

    thanx for your great interview series

  9. Plus Gavin seems more like a Hero of Ceylon these days:-D

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