Java Champions at JavaOne vs. ACEs at OpenWorld 2011 - 15:45

Markus Eisele
Have you seen the otn post from end of July? 163 Oracle ACE Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.
That's a huge number. Compared to the 358 ACEs and ACE Directors out there, this makes a
total of 45% of the overall ACEs speaking at "their" number one conference.
But what the OpenWorld is to the ACEs that should JavaOne be for the Java Champions, right? Consider this another conference analysis, like I did a few times before.

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Java Champions get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction that will help Oracle grow the Java Platform. This interchange may be in the form of technical discussions and/or community-building activities with Oracle's Java Development and Developer Program teams. According to their bio page, there are 126 active JCs.

If you take this information and match it against the speaker page of the most recently published JavaOne 2011 content catalog you get the amazing number of: 15%. That's the percentage of actively talking JCs at JavaOne this year. Compared with the Oracle ACEs this is .. let's call it: A little less.

Of course there are many reasons for that. Fist is that Google is obviously still boycotting JavaOne. Another might be, that there are many researchers listed which simply doesn't fit into the content catalog. Any other ideas? Let me know!

Here is a list of sessions by Java Champions

Andres Almiray
17581 - Painless Desktop Application Development: The Griffon Experience

Adam Bien
21622 - Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6
21641 - Java EE 6: The Cool Parts
23423 - The Road to Java EE 7: Is It All About the Cloud?

Stephen Chin
17960 - JavaFX 2.0 with Alternative Languages
22021 - JFXtras 2.0: Open Source Extensions for JavaFX
22122 - Moving to the Client: JavaFX and HTML5
22125 - XML-Free Programming: Java Server and Client Development Without <>

Bert Ertman
24423 - Best Practices for Migrating Spring Applications to Java EE 6

Jeff Genender
26521 - Using Apache Camel and Java EE in an OSGi World

Michael Hüttermann
18180 - Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Heinz Kabutz
24466 - Are Your Garbage Collection Logs Speaking to You?

Josh Marinacci
25088 - Building Java Apps for Non-Java Mobile Platforms with GWT and PhoneGap

Kevin Nilson
22122 - Moving to the Client: JavaFX and HTML5

Kirk Pepperdine
24466 - Are Your Garbage Collection Logs Speaking to You?

Paul Perrone
24721 - LincVolt: A Robotic Electric 1959 Lincoln
24741 - LaserTag: Fusing Laser and RFID for Perimeter Security

Peter Pilgrim
24085 - Progressive JavaFX 2.0 Custom Components

Michael Santos
25184 - The Massive Challenge: Java Technologies for Modern Enterprise Applications

Howard Lewis Ship
25680 - Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Metaprogramming Techniques for Java

Bruce Snyder
22585 - Simplify Your JMS Code with Spring

Bruno Souza
25242 - Instant Cloud: Just Add Java
33960 - General Session: Java User Groups Sunday

Regina ten Bruggencate
24243 - Women in Java: An Unconference

Dick Wall
22060 - Script Bowl 2011: A Scripting Languages Shootout

James Weaver
22523 - The Return of Rich-Client Java
23283 - Visualization of Geomaps and Topic Maps with JavaFX 2.0

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