JavaOne 2011 - Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies

Markus Eisele
Wow. What a day. The Java 7 launch event generated a lot of buzz around Java again. Finally. Java is breathing again and we all enjoyed it, right? But the main Java event is still going to happen. And it's web-pages have been updated, too :) This will be this years JavaOne. After weeks of preparations and hard work, the content teams finished their first rounds. Even if I can not tell you any details about the Technical Sessions, Birds of Feather, Panels or Hands-on labs at the moment. There is one thing I can tell you: It will be awesome! Packed with all the latest information, trends and best practices from the best know speakers around.
You ask, why I know this? This is pretty simple. I'm proud to be a member of the external reviewers team for the Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies Track.

Don't miss the chance to checkout the (high level) schedule which already gives a good overview of the things to come from Sunday to Thursday! And The Zone pages also have been updated. I am really looking forward to it. Even if I am slightly disappointed to see it happening all over Hilton San Francisco, Hotel Nikko, and Parc 55 Wyndham again. Good news is, that there'll probably be more separation in general from the OOW/Oracle Develop parts. Let's see.
If you have not already done so, register.
Planning to go? Have a look at my recent post 10 Ways to make the Best out of a Conference.

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  1. Why is it a benefit to have more separation from OOW/Develop?

  2. HI Michael,

    for me personally I found it very hard to focus. Having a strong interest in both Oracle products (GF, WLS) and the underlying standards I was torn apart between the two offerings. Having them separated in general forces me to handle this problem explicitly. And I hope to see less mixture of rooms and less travelling time between the sessions. So .. even if I miss some content, I believe this gives more room for J1 topics in general.


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