JavaOne 2011 NOT back to Moscone

Markus Eisele
Yesterday Oracle announced, what we all were expecting. JavaOne 2011 will be in the exact same place than the more or less disastrous 2010 version. It will be located in downtown San Francisco and takes place in parallel with Oracle OpenWorld. To be honest, this is not a big surprise. Did anybody expect them to move such an event within less than a year? Let's see, what's going to change and what to expect.

Source: OOW Conference Map
Like last year it will be held in the hotels around the Mason Str. This have been the Hilton as the main conference Hotel with all the keynotes and demo grounds, the hotel Nikko and the Parc 55. Seeing Alexis posting about some changes:
[...] no more wandering between hotels and Moscone, more room for JavaOne sessions with Oracle Develop being moved to another venue [...]
It seems as if this will be a complete separate conference probably with completely separate social activities. So there should be no need to wander around. I don't know if this will improve the overall experience to me personally, because I used to visit OOW, OracleDevelop and JavaOne but until Oracle decides to shift J1 to another time frame this will be my personal problem. Until today I don't really see a reference to Oracle Develop. It seems as if it's completely vanished away. They will probably make it a more closer part of OpenWorld and leave all those poor Java guys alone ;) Let's see.
As Alexis also wrote:
[...] more community involvement in the event planning, more space and time for "hallway conversations", and more sessions overal. [...]
That sounds like fun. Hey, guys, if you are reading this: I am here to help! *wink* I would love to help!

JavaOne Main Content Tracks
The content tracks cover the complete platform as expected. Sad to see, that the JavaOne program review committee still is an old list. At last one external reviewer named there, stated that he did not even got an invitation up to now. Anyway, I hope they will try to tie in some community guys, too. The Java Champions of the ACE Directors for example? Why not :)
And I am speculating that this years JavaOne will also have a huge drawback because the Google/Oracle case is still unsolved I don't expect any Googlers there ....sad.sad.sad.

  • Core Java Platform
  • Emerging Languages, Tools, and Techniques
  • Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud
  • Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
  • Java ME, Mobile, Embedded, and Devices
  • Java SE, Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences
  • The Java Frontier

Last years impressions
I compiled some picture impressions from last years JavaOne. It was nice. If you like to see more, take a look at the photo set .

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