New article for latest JAXmag "Java EE 6" about Arquillian

Markus Eisele
Just a short notice. You can find a new article of mine in the latest JAXmag issue. This issue of JAXmag is dedicated to the latest industry standard for enterprise Java computing: Java EE 6.
This issue of JAXmag introduce the readers to the various technologies that comprise Java EE 6, with the 'Java EE 6 Overview' article by Caucho Technology engineer Reza Rahman. We'll examine some of the technologies that occupy the Java EE 6 space, with articles on JBoss' Arquillian integration testing tool, and the Siwpas application server, and look ahead to the relationship between enterprise Java and the cloud in Ales Justin's 'Java EE inside GAE' article.
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Aiming to Make Testing Easier
Integration Tests with Arquillian
Since the early days of Java Enterprise Edition, testing of container components and their interaction has been a pain-point. Their cooperation with other services has been traditionally difficult to simulate. With the increasing functionality of the container (dependency injection, etc.) cross-links and dependencies have also grown. A fully automated integration test suite previously consisted of many JUnit tests. Now, Arquillian aims to make this task easier by offering the first complete and integrated test suite for integration testing.

UPDATE (19.05.2011):
The article is now available in an online version (HTML).

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