2010 - The year in review. Some statistics.

Markus Eisele
Seems as if we all finally made it. 2011 is here and we hopefully managed the transition without any bigger problems. This usally is the time for some statistics and reviews. Let's start with the facts of this blog.It had rougly 90k visitors in 2010 with around 115k pageviews. That is awesome! Thank you for all your visits!
The top five topics which had about 23k pageviews:
1) Java EE 5 or 6 - which to choose today
2) Java SE 7, 8, 9 - The Road Ahead
3) JDK 1.6.0_21-b06 Eclipse vs. 1.6.0_21-b07 Oracle
4) Java SE 6 release 21, the Java Hotspot VM 17.0 and G1
5) GlassFish vs. WebLogic - 10 visions for the future

As expected, the hottest time in the year was during JavaONE and Open World. People came here mostly send from google, dzone and java.net or visited this blog directly. I have had a small number of 114 posts last year.

Personaly I flew a total distance of roughly 1,23 earth circulations. With the shortest flight being 300km and the longest 9.500km. This was a total of 81,8 hours inflight entertainment on ten different plane types for me. In total I produced 6,705 kg CO2 in 2010. Thats more than douple of this, I did in 2009 :( Sorry for that ....

I posted 626 pictures to flickr. Most of them taken during the three big conferences I visited in 2010 (Kaleidoscope, OpenWorld/JavaONE, DOAG Conference).

I tweet a little. On average 14,6 tweets per day with roughly 50% of them being retweets of others. My top five words: rt, java, oracle, new, glassfish. My top five hashtags: #java, #glassfish, #javaone, #oracle, #aced.

All in all this was an exciting year. I loved to be part of a vital blogger scene around Java, Oracle, GlassFish and WebLogic. And I hope that I will be able to continue in 2011. Thanks again for visiting!

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