DOAG Conference 2010 - last minute information and hints

Markus Eisele
One day to go. The 2010 DOAG (German Oracle Users Group) Conference starts tomorrow in the CCN CongressCenter Nuremberg East. There are a couple of ACEs and ACED out there.
Additionally you can find a couple of well know Oracle people attending and giving sessions. Here are a couple of last minute information and links.

The CCN is a nice location and part of the Nuremberg traid fair. You can find a floor plan (PDF) for the conference on the DOAG webpages.The conference is open daily from 8 to 18, on 18. November 2010 from 8 to 17.You can find tracel directions on the ccn website.

The program
You can find a complete program online on the DOAG website. This year you can also use the mobile edition which is accessible from you like, you can also download a digital edition (PDF) from the daily conference news. The first issue contains an overview of the complete program.

The DOAG also started using twitter this year. They basically use two accounts. @DOAGeV and @doagkonferenz. Not a big surprise, that both are German speaking. If this is an option for you, you get updates on session changes, unconference topics, highlights of the day, some more background about the conference and possibly some interesting retweets from members and attendants. They missed giving out an official twitter hastag but I can imagine most people will tag with #doag2010 or #doagkonferenz.If you are following my own @myfear twitter account, you can get some more English speaking information. At last, I'll try to stick to English :)

What else
I am looking forward to this years DOAG conference. Even if I am very very unhappy about the timing. There are two other conferences (Devoxx and WJAX) going on just the same timeframe and I would loved to have visited all three. It will be hard catching up with all the news from the other two online. I hope, that the hosts mange to serialize this a little more in the future. This would be my advice :) And as always, if I am not giving a session you can probably finde me walking around with a cam. I try to post pictures on my account frequently.
Looking forward meeting you there! Save travels!

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