Links and Tips for OpenWorld, JavaOne and OracleDevelop 2010

Markus Eisele
Even if I still did not get my confirmation it is time to use the so called summer hole (even in germany we call it like this :)) to browse around and get ready for the number one event with Oracle and Java. This is a brief list of things to remember, to do, to see and links to visit prior or during your stay at one of the three conferences in San Francisco this year.

Visiting the US - p&p
Get yoursel a visa or at last an esta certificate.
Make yourself familiar with the needed prerequisites for entering the US. The is a great source of information. If you are unshure about anything, ask the US embassy in your home country. They are very helpful (at last in germany). It is not too big trouble to enter the US but you need some papers and patience. Be shure to have everything needed to enter the US weeks before entering the plane. That saves you a lot of pain.

Staying in San Francisco
For your convenience, Oracle has negotiated the lowest rates possible for Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2010. So it is possibly the best to check the official Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Housing page for the latest information. There is a list with the offical conference hotels, where you should find a place to take a nap. You should book as early as possible.

Make a plan! Content catalog. All sessions will be accessible only if you have scheduled them within your schedule builder. You can access this thing through the registration page. Don't be a fool and simply try to rush into any session withou prior registration. That will not work in most of the cases (even if in some it will).

There are many smaller to bigger events happening around OOW, J1 and OD in SF. The ones, you can't afford to miss are the following:

Welcome Keynote
Sunday: 5:30PM Oracle executives Judith Sim, Charles Rozwat, Safra Catz, and Steve Miranda along with Ann Livermore, executive vice president, HP Enterprise Business. Nice intro into OpenWorld.

Welcome Reception
After Sunday's opening keynote session Oracle OpenWorld 2010 gets kicked off with an authentic Oktoberfest celebration. Raise a stein (or two) of the finest German ale with fellow Oracle customers, partners, developers, and technology enthusiasts from around the globe. Located in the Howard Street Tent and Yerba Buena Oktoberfest Beer Gardens.

The FMW Keynote
Tuesday: 8:00AM Thomas Kurian, executive vice president, Product Development, Oracle, and Thomas Kilroy, senior vice president and general manager at Intel, speak Tuesday morning. This will not be too crowded. But also a very intersting Keynote for the middleware people.

The Larry Ellison Keynote
Wednesday: 2:30PM Larry Ellison presents his Oracle keynote Wednesday afternoon, joined by a key executive from Infosys. This is the place, where all the "show" is happening. Be there early. Don't think about 30 minutes. Think about 1 or more hours!

Appreciation Event
Happening Wednesday, Sept 22 on Treasure Island. Grammy Award Winners the Black Eyed Peas and Eagles cofounder Don Henley as headline acts, the 2010 event promises to be the ultimate in thank-you celebrations. Complimentary shuttle service to and from Treasure Island will be provided

It's a Wrap!
Happening Thursday, Sept 23 in the Yerba Buena Gardens and the Howard Street Tent. Have some beer and wrap up with your friends and partners.

stay connected
There are many many social activities going on during the conferences. You should check the relevant groups and accounts for the individual offerings. Here is a brief list. It might not be complete but a start:

Oracle OpenWorld
JavaOne and Oracle Develop

Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle Develop
Oracle Technology Network

Oracle OpenWorld
JavaOne and Oracle Develop

Oracle Mix
Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle Develop

Oracle OpenWorld Blog
OTN Blog

walking around in SF
Even if you schedule is packed, you have to walk around a bit in SF. It's easy and you should not miss this opportunity. There are many sources of information avalable about visiting San Francisco. I personaly like to use printed visitor guides in my own language. But there is also a hugh amount of information online. The local's Guide for People Visiting SF is a good example. All the online sources are not intended to substitute for your own good judgement. Take care of yourself and try to be a nice visitor. The SF people know what's happending during OOW. If you carry your badge around, you will find some stores where you get a rebate on your shopping. Watch out for more information on this.

My personal "must-see"s are:
The San Francisco Cable Cars, Fishermans Wharf, Alcatraz Island. If you are into buildings or photography you could also run around and look for the tallest buildings in San Francisco. Except the Alcatraz tour all this are easy good for easy visiting. You don't have to register or walk around too much and they fit into a free afternoon. But please remember: There are so many other things to see! Take the time to make up your own "must-see" list before visiting. It's worth it!

On demand preview gives you a first idea about the information you get from the On demand website during and after the show. You have to register for this option and pay a bit but it's worth it. You can search all sessions from one central repository. See
Keynotes, General Sessions and Executive Solution Sessions as streaming video with synchronized slides, scrolling transcripts, and downloadable MP3s and MP4s, look at
1700+ Conference Sessions in streaming audio with downloadable MP3s PowerPoints, white papers and more.

And finaly you I hope, you will have a save trip back home!
If I missed your favorite or did something wrong, let me know. Comments are open! Happy to read about yours!

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  1. That's a helpful guide Markus! Can I also add that it's worth taking some time out of your schedule to visit the Oracle Demo Grounds. Many of these pods are staffed by really techie Oracle employees and it's valuable to be able to talk through your interests or concerns with them.

  2. Here is a great post about 10 tourist attractions, that don't suck :)

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