Gosling's guerrilla posts - Make me feel sick! What about you?

Markus Eisele
Ok. We all know, he left Oracle on April 2nd. And to be honest it was something that really does not feel good. I am talking about James A. Gosling aka as the father of Java.
With his dismissal he also moved his blog to a non Sun / Oracle place. And that's where I really started getting problems with his posts.
The blog is called "On a New Road" and James is publishing things from his new unemployed life.
Seeing the first post back from Friday April 9, 2010 I was still shure, that this will be a silent resignment.
[...] Just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good.
(Source: On a New Road)

Far wrong! As James started over, you find him giving broad hints about what he thinks about Oracle in nearly every post.

[...] resigning has been a full time job (before I quit, several friends said I'd need a lawyer because "this is Oracle we're talking about"... sadly, they were right).
(Source: On a New Road)

[...] Pretty soon, all Larry will have left is an IP portfolio. Perhaps that's all he wanted: there's precious little evidence that he was interested in any of the people.
(Source: On a New Road)

I only quoted the more or less known parts. Reading along, you find some more. Related to products, to persons. This is his blog, an he can post whatever he wants? Yes: Of course he can. But what realy disturb me is, that he makes me feel sick.

James, we know nothing
- about your deal with Oracle.
- about the true reasons you left Oracle.
- about your personal conversations with Larry

According to a saying you obviously finally decided not to love it, not to change it but to leave it. You are doing what everybody is told not to do. You express unconstructive criticism over and over again.
You, the father of Java should be aware what you are doing. As a parent you should be a caretaker of your offspring (Source: wikipedia). Read this:
Most fathers are naturally protective, supportive, and responsible and are able to provide a number of significant benefits to themselves, their communities, and their children.
(Source: Wikipedia)

You are betraying the community these days! To be honest, your children have a hard time at the moment. Life is not all guns and roses. And beeing with Oracle, beeing expected to sell and gain revenue is obviously something else it was at Sun. But there are still options for those willing to change and influence things. You could, for example work with the Oracle community on different levels. There are strong user groups out there. We have great individuals, we have great spokesman. There are ways of constructive criticism. At last for those still willing to change and still having love.

Hm. Reading everything again it feels if this has become some kind of an open letter. Was not intended to be this way. What I really like to know is how you, the readers, are feeling about all this. Let me know. Post your comments. I am happy to read them.
And James: I really do not expect an answer. I am happy if you simply think about this.

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