Oracle ACE Directors and Java Champions

Markus Eisele
One aspect of the Sun/Oracle merger was slightly underrepresented the last weeks. As you might know, there are now two developer programs running which are dedicated to passionate Java/Oracle technology and community leaders.
The one I am a proud member of is the Oracle ACE Program. A simliar one exists at Sun since a few years and is called the The Java Champions Program.
Both developer programs are now united within Oracle. To make it short: This is the only change to both. They are NOT going to be united under a common name. And they are NOT going to change in any other way.
Fact is, that the Java Champions will receive better support from the Oracle Technology Network Team in the future. Victoria Lira and her Team do the best to support all program members with all needed information.
Most notably both programs have roughly the same size. About 100 ACE Directors and 100 Java Champions are around. Most working in the USA and EMEA. There is no single ACED Champion :) Completely distict groups.

If you want to take a more detailed look at the ACE Program, read through my blog entry about it. Written back in november 2009 but still up to date. I did not compile something similar about the Java Champions because all you need is on their Program Homepage.

You can follow @oracletechnet/oracle-ace list on twitter if you like to read more from the ACEs.
I created a list for the Java Champions I know. You can subscribe to it @myfear/java-champion

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