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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gmail4J - accessing Gmail services from Java

08:51 Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Posted by Test 2 comments:
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Gmail4J is a simple, object oriented library for accessing Gmail services from Java. The actual build version 0.3 is available under a Apache License 2.0 from code.google.com.

You can use it with maven (Java.net Repository):


Some example code? Get unread Messages from your account (through proxy):

GmailClient client = new RssGmailClient();
GmailConnection connection = new HttpGmailConnection(LoginDialog.getInstance().show("Enter Gmail Login"));
connection.setProxy("proxy.example.com", 8080);
final List messages = client.getUnreadMessages();
for (GmailMessage message : messages) {

Looks like this:


  1. how to import library of gmail4j in java file.......
    Gmail client not resolved to a type........error

    1. Hi,

      Don't know if I can help you with that. You might want to check a more basic example about java that gets you started.