Gosling: What's Good for Google May Not Be Good for Java

Markus Eisele
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Whats Good for Google May Not be Good for Java

In a wide-ranging discussion with eWEEK, Java creator James Gosling sheds light on where he sees innovation in Java, the future of the platform, the legacy of Sun and the new Java Store, among a variety of other topics. In what Sun said was his only formal interview at what could have been the last JavaOne conference, Gosling sat down with eWEEK Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft to engage in an annual tete a tete, which this time proved to be both enlightening and emotional. In this segment, Part 1 of the two-part Q&A, Gosling takes Google to task, talks up the Java Store, and discusses OSGi and more.

And the corresponding open-letter from Peter Kriens, OSGi-Evangelist?
hi were osgi we mean no harm

We're OSGi. We mean no harm

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