Heartstorming instead of Brainstorming!

Markus Eisele
I am a more or less frequent reader of the Daily Dueck.
This is a column published by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck. He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, an IEEE Fellow, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology,
corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and a member of the board of
the DMV (German Society of Mathematicians). He authored some satirical-philosophical
books on humans, management and life (Wild Duck, E-Man, Omnisophie, Supramanie,
Topothesie – on humane keeping of humans).

This months Daily Dueck (no 83) balances accounts with a common moderation technique: Brainstorming. The Daily Duck is published in german only. If you have to miss the perfect provocating writings because of this, you should probably try to learn german :) It is even worth this effort ;)

Back to brainstorming. In short, Guenther Dueck proposes to switch to heartstorming. He says, ideas arise if the heart is reaching for something. If the heart is standing at the ocean and looking out for the width. Ideas are buring flames reaching out for something.
Brainstorming happens under pressure. And this is something that is definetely not supporting an idea or a burning heart.

If you come across a burning heart during such a session: Try to support it. If someone is willing to spend his blood, his heart on something, you should be the one helping him out. „Enablement instead of tracking“ is the key.

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