SOA and EDA - Jack van Hoof' thoughts

Markus Eisele
I was looking around the web to catch up with my favorite pages these days and came across an interesting blog. You might already know Jack van Hoof.

Jack’s interests lie in IT technology trends and innovation; combined with three decades of extensive practical experience makes Jack a credible IT visionary. He maintains a blog where he publishes his thoughts on SOA and EDA:
See a more complete vita at the contributors page of the soa-magazine.

Ok. It is not a big secret that SOA is something "special" to me. What means I have my own personal oppinion about the three letters and their meaning to projects.
But the thoughts on Jack's blog are worth more than one minute of reading.

I personaly like his posts about "The magical A of SOA and EDA" and also his very abstract view on the role of enterprise architecture in a company.

If you have time. Give his blog a try!

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