Ubiquity 0.1.1 Released!

Markus Eisele
The Ubiquity-Team just released the first patch for Ubiquity, which fixes a
lot of bugs and offers a few new features. Feel free to check out the release notes for more information.

Release 0.1.1 is a minor update to Ubiquity that includes one thing that sucks, a few new features, and a bunch of bug fixes. All commands that were written for Ubiquity 0.1 should still work fine with this new release.

The thing that sucks is that the latest version may break your current
subscriptions, and you may have to unsubscribe from them and then
resubscribe to them to get them to work again.

The new feature that lets you choose whether you'd prefer to have commands you've subscribed to be auto-updated or manually updated. Currently, however, there is no good way to manually update command feeds—to do so you'll need to unsubscribe to the feed and then resubscribe to it. In the future, there will be notifications for changes to commands and a more humane manual update method.

There's now links to view the source of command feeds in the about:ubiquity page. For manually updated feeds, clicking on the link will show you the version of the feed that your browser is using.

See a List of bug fixes here.

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